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Did any of you know that we can also supply Gas Gas Trials Bikes and spares.  (By Special Order Only)

As I write this there is a  shipment of  2012 Gas Gas Pro TXT models sailing south for Australia. Expected port ETA is 30th October, so early to mid November delivery on the new 2012 Trials models.

There will also be 125, 250, 280 and 300cc TXT's in this shipment.

They will feature some of the previously seen enhancements from the latest Raga Replica model, like the new Marzocchi forks and  triple clamps providing an increased steering angle of 10 degrees.

Another significant change is the new Sachs rear shock anchored to a new system of rods and rockers.
Here are some of the changes incorporated into the Gas Gas Pro 2012:
- New graphics and colour scheme 2012.
- New headlight inherited from the Pro Raga 2011.

- Marzocchi forks lastest white model, inherited from the Pro Raga 2011.
- New rear suspension including new Sachs shock absorber, and rods, rocker system system with a new geometry. Everyone who has ridden the new system (including all our GG TDN riders Kyle Middleton, Boyd Wilcocks, Tim Coleman and Kristie McKinnon) have come back raving about how great it is.
- New triple clamps with  an increased of 10-degree turn, inherited from the Raga 2011.
- New chain and sprocket guards inherited from Raga 2011.
- New deflector at the entrance of the air filter to prevent water ingress.
- New metal Kickstart stop (internal, replacing previous plastic stop).
Prices again have been held down, with a slight decrease from 2011.
Recommended retail on the 2012 models will be as follows
125 TXT Pro  $9000.00
250 TXT Pro  $9200.00
280 TXT Pro  $9300.00
300 TXT Pro  $9400.00


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